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neither are we gathered in in cities across in in the the the the Alzheimer’s Association to Alzheimer’s the the the the COVID-19 pandemic the the the the a a a a this year but according to to the the the Alzheimer’s the for Walk to to End Alzheimer’s how we walk but it doesn’t walk Wendy Vizek vice president of the Association “This year to to together to to support all those dementia With the the the dollars the the the can continue to provide to to these difficult times while toward methods of treatment Alzheimer’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s is is the to raise raise awareness and funds for and research While the the the fundraiser gathering to to to walk together to to to the the the of this year’s participants are the paths and trails of their local or in small groups of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s Walk day an Opening Ceremony will feature local speakers and a a a a a a a a a a presentation of Promise Flowers to to to honor the the the personal reasons participants join together to to to fight Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s and all all other dementia The newly-enhanced Walk to to End Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s app will also allow participants to to track their their steps follow a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a virtual path manage their their Facebook fundraisers and and access other helpful information and and resources for all those affected by Alzheimer’s Currently there there are are more more than 5 million Americans living with with Alzheimer’s disease disease In Florida alone there there are are more more than 580 000 people battling the the the disease disease with with with an an an additional 1 1 1 1 million family members and friends providing them with with daily unpaid care Alzheimer’s is out out there To learn more about the the the Alzheimer’s Association Alzheimer’s in West Palm Beach or or or Broward County and join the the the fight for a a a a a a a a cure 

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