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That Reminds Me Pamela Higer-Polani
A “true” Libra (if you believe in in astronomy) my my husband nearly always remains very balanced and focused Over the the years we have spent together Mark has repeated many memorable expressions In honor of his his milestone birthday this month here are a a a few:
1 Do not Borrow Pain from the Future 2 Duct tape and a a a a a a a Black Marker can work Miracles extremely intelligent pioneers caring funny and irreverent Yet again what made made them them both so unique was HOW they they made made everyone around them them feel This included Everyone that they they met: students co-workers support staff young and and old race and and gender – all made no difference While in in their presence you you felt so incredibly special As Maya Angelou stated so aptly “People will will forget forget what what you you you said People People People will will will forget forget forget what what you you you did but People People will will never forget forget how you you you made them feel” A Last Will & Testament and/or Trust allows you you to distribute the the material wealth you you you have accumulated in your lifetime to others As an an estate planning/probate attorney clients request that I create these type of documents for them indicating their final wishes However I strongly suggest that you you you you do not let your your your Trust and/or your your your your Will be your your your your last expression of love love that your your your your loved ones read Include a a a a a a a a a a favorite poem or or or song a a a a a a a a a a a a a letter with messages to your your family relating memories beliefs and/or advice Making an an “Ethical” Will is is just one way to continue continue your values thoughts and wisdom It also helps continue continue the the remembrances others have of you For instance when someone passes away we often say “May their Memory Be for a a a a a a a Blessing” What does this mean? Does it urge us us just to simply remember that person?
No! It It is is more than that that It It is is a a a a a a a a a a call an an obligation upon each of us to continue that that individual’s legacy So as we Celebrate Life and mourn our our our losses this year may our our our message continue to be one of Kindness Love and and Peace created by us and and shared with others As RBG famously said “Fight for the the things that that You Care about but Do It in in in a a a a a a a a a Way that that will Lead Others to Join You!”
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3 Do not let your Fear Become Bigger than You 4 When people give you you a a a compliment simply respond with “Thank You” Why are you you trying to convince them otherwise?
5 Do not start a a discussion with someone hungry or tired you will never succeed 6 Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 7 Everything is better with Hummus and my personal favorite:
8 My Life did not Start until the Day We Met Thinking about this made me me wonder: What makes what one person says and does more meaningful than another?
Other than the the the the obvious significance regarding the the the the type of relationship you may hold with another why do we praise and and extol certain community leaders and and not not others?
Recently two personal heroes of of mine died one the the the the founder of of the the the the FAU medical school Dr Ira Gelb and the the the the other Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Both Both individuals certainly accomplished so very much in in in their their their professional lives Both Both were perfectionist driven and passionate about their their their their careers However it it is is their their their their personalities their their character that truly made them remarkable Both were completely in love with their spouses 

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