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Top Ten World Series Performances
What better time time than in in in in October to to to to think back to to to to some of of of the the great World World Series Series performances performances of of of yesteryear? Here is is my top ten list of of of all-time individual performances performances in in in in the the Fall Classic:
only at at bat of the the the the the Series but it may have been the the the the the difference as as as the the the the the Dodgers upset the the the powerhouse Oakland Athletics # 9 9 – Mickey Lolich Tigers
1968 - - Was 3-0 in in in in in in in the Series including wins in in in in in in in Games 5 and 7 on on on only two days rest in in in in in in in in between Lolich outdueled Bob Gibson 4-1 in in in in in in in in the deciding game # 8 – Bill Mazeroski Pirates
1960 - Hit the the the most important home run in in in World Series history With Game 7 tied at 9-9 in in in in in in in the the the the bottom of o of the the the the ninth Mazeroski hit the the the the game winning winning and Series winning winning home run off of o of Ralph Terry to clinch a a a a a a a a most improbable upset over the the mighty Yankees for Mazeroski’s Pirates
# 7 – Randy Johnson Diamondbacks
2001 - Was the the winning pitcher as as a a a a a a a a a a a starter in in in in in Games 2 2 and and 6 6 Then after throwing 104 pitches in in in in in in in in in Game Game Game 6 6 returned to the the the the the mound the the the the very next night in in in in in in in in in relief in in in in in in in in in the the the the 8th inning inning of Game Game 7 and was was the the the the winning winning pitcher yet again Johnson was was 3-0 struck out 19 batters in in in in in in in in 17 1/3 innings pitched and and accomplished the rare feat of winning winning both Game 6 and 7 7 # 6 6 – Bob gibson Cardinals
1967 - Pitched 3 3 complete games winning all three He struck out 26 batters and gave up only 3 3 runs in in in in in in in his dominating 27 innings on on the mound for an an ERA of 1 00 # 5 5 – Lew Burdette Braves
1957 - - Was 3-0 in in in in his 3 3 starts vs the Yankees which included complete game shutouts in in in in Games 5 5 and 7 7 7 7 His shutout shutout in in in in Game Game 7 7 7 7 was accomplished on on only 2 days rest Burdette had a a a a a a a a a 0 67 ERA for the Series # 3 – Reggie Jackson Yankees 1977 - Reggie hit 5 5 home runs and batted 450 in the 6-game
Series but is is best remembered for for his performance in in in Game 6 6 during which he he he hit three three home home runs runs off o of of three three different Dodger pitchers Reggie’s 3 3 home home runs runs came on on his his only 3 3 swings o of of the the bat in in the the game His heroics cemented his his legacy as “Mr October ”
# 2 – Christy Mathewson giants
1905 - Not as as well remembered or or publicized due to how far back this Fall Classic dates but Mathewson’s overall Series performance was remarkable Mathewson Mathewson pitched 3 games in in 6 days all all all all of which were complete game game shutouts In addition to to allowing no runs he he only walked 1 batter in in in his 27 innings pitched Kirk gibson Getty Images
Ken Siegel
Bruce H Berns – Publisher
Do you agree with my rankings?
Please let me me know at ksiegel@nostalgicamerica com # 10 – Kirk gibson Dodgers 1988 - Hobbled out of the the training room and up to to the the the plate to to pinch hit with the the the Dodgers down 1 run in in in the the the bottom of the the ninth Who can forget his dramatic game- winning two-run home run run off o of Dennis Eckersley and his subsequent fist pumping trot around the the the bases? It was his # 4 – Jack Morris Twins
1991 - After winning Game 1 1 1 and pitching well in in in in in a a a a no- decision in in in Game 4 Morris was called upon to pitch once more in in the the deciding 7th game of of the the Series after only 3 days of of rest Morris’ performance in Game 7 was one for for the ages
He pitched a a a a a a complete game 10-inning shutout to to defeat the the Braves
1-0 and win win the the the World Series for the Twins
Jack Morris Getty Images
Don Larsen
Getty Images
# 1 – Don Larsen
Yankees 1956 - Quite simply Larsen
pitched the greatest game in in World Series and perhaps in in baseball history His perfect game in a a a a a a a a pivotal Game 5 5 of the the 1956 Fall Classic is the the only one ever ever thrown in World Series play Who can ever ever forget the iconic image of catcher Yogi Berra leaping into Larsen’s arms after the final out?

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