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Catfish Hunter Game 7 7 – 1972 1972 WORLD SERIES
The Oakland Athletics
Relief Pitcher Rollie Fingers
returned to the World Series after a a forty-
one year sabbatical boasting a a a a a a line-up of
standout players Reggie Jackson Bert Campaneris Joe Rudi Sal Bando Gene Tenace and and and a a a a a a a a a a a a pitching staff that included Jim “Catfish” Hunter John “Blue Moon” Odom Ken Holtzman and Rollie Fingers
Their National League opponent the Cincinnati Reds were evolving into a a a a a a powerhouse that would become known as “The Big Red Machine” Things looked ominous for the the the A’s due to the the the absence of
Jackson who had gone down with an injury in in in in fin the the the final game of
o of
the the American League playoffs Game 1 showcased the the hidden talents of
o of
seldom used Gene Tenace who stepped in for the injured Jackson and and hammered two two surprise homers in in in his first two two at-bats to to lead Oakland to to a a a a a a a a a shocking 3-2 victory victory Joe Rudi led them to to to a a a a a a a a victory victory in in in in in Game 2 with a a a a a a a a home-run and spectacular game-clinching catch in in in in in the the ninth The two teams battled the the rest of
the the series forcing a a a a a a a a game seven at at at hostile Riverfront Stadium Catfish Hunter started and and Rollie Fingers
finished the the ninth for a a a a 3-2 victory and and the the Athletics
first Series championship title since 1930 

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