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The First Annual Achievement Heights Academy Virtual Summer Jazz & Arts Festival that took place on Saturday August 29 via Zoom was a a a a a huge success!
Over 100 guests from locals in in the the State of Florida to the the Carolinas Maryland New New York New New Jersey Massachusetts Texas Chicago Alabama and and yes South Africa The program was organized by Dr N’Quavah R Velazquez CEO and and Founder of Achievement Heights Academy (AHA) Dr Velazquez host host was joined by her co-host Sharima Jackson in in New York Left: Dr Velazquez Organizer & Host Right: Sharima Jackson Co-Host
First Annua Virtual Summer Jazz and Arts Festival Guests arrived early to to enjoy recorded jazz presented by DJ Shane Swain The program was divided into three main sections: (1) AHA Art Gallery (2) AHA Solo Voice Performances
and (3) Live Professional Jazz AHA Art Gallery The The gallery consisted of of a a a a a a a a series of of high-resolution 3-minute music videos The The first video video featured art created by students in in AHA workshops faculty and Dr Velazquez In addition local professional artists and one artist artist from from Washington D C were selected from from various genres to to to showcase their work via music music videos videos Together the the the the the music music videos videos contributed to to the the the the the jazz theme and presented an an excellent cross-section of art The professional artists were:
Agata Ren Art Concepts by REN Boca Raton
Angel Rich “Next Steve Jobs” (Forbes) Credit Stacker electronics/educational
Carol Calicchio Painter Delray Beach Marcia & Bruce Berns Nostalgic Magazine entertainment/ educational
publishers and producers
Ron Piere Digital Artist Artist Lake Worth
Sharon Koskoff Mural Artist Artist and Author Delray Beach Vanessa Hill Striking Exposures Nature Photographer
Boca Raton
Sharon Koskoff Mural Artist Left: Carol Calicchio Painter 

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