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AHA Solo Voice Performances
1 Layla Katongo performed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow ” by Judy Garland
2 Aliyah Skinner sang “I Choose ” by by Alessia Cra
3 Tamia Brooks performed “Never Enough ” by by Alison Allred
Following the art gallery and and voice performances two instructors were interviewed: Benita Peych Dzhurkova Voice Chorus and and and Violin instructor and then Tonisha Doku Atelier From left to to right: Layla Katongo Aliyah Skinner Tamia Brooks Top: Daniel Riano Restrepo Bottom: Luis Banuelos
Vanessa Hill Nature Photographer
Next there was a a a a a a a short break and DJ Shane Swain provided recorded jazz for the the guests After the break door prize winners were announced:
4th and and 5th place (Jessica S S Coral Springs and and Linda W New York)
Set of of three designer styled washable face masks by Vannessa Hill of of Striking Exposures 3rd place (Maurice S S S Parkland)
Autographed book by Sharon Koskoff Murals of of the Palm Beaches
2nd place (Ramona W Massachusetts)
Coffee table book published by Nostalgic Magazine Grand prize (McKinnon L P Maryland)
A $100 gift basket provided by Gift Baskets R R Us Boca Raton
Live Professional Jazz Performances
Special guest Luis Banuelos
Flamenco/Jazz Guitarist Featured guest Daniel Riano Restrepo Jazz Pianist producer arranger songwriter composer and instructor A A A hearty thank you to to Dr Velazquez and the AHA team of our students parents instructors Sharima Jackson co-host in in New York Emilio Velazquez Velazquez Chief Executive Information Technology Consultant Philip Velazquez Velazquez Zoom technology consultant Daniel Riano Restrepo audio audio production production production mix engineer engineer engineer Natalia Schlesinger audio audio production production production assistant engineer engineer engineer Maria Camila Bayona video production production production engineer engineer engineer Duch Designs flowers Sahadi Photography Cameron Hewes graphic artist DJ Shane Swain and a a a a a a a a host of dedicated volunteers Achievement Heights Academy headquartered in in Boca Raton
Florida is the the pivotal place for high-quality children’s education in in in in science technology engineering math music music and and and the the arts We We offer virtual private music music lessons in in in in in classical and and and and jazz- piano guitar violin voice and and and and chorus We We also provide small group workshops Our motto is children are powerful and and and and learning should be rigorous engaging and fun Upcoming events are:
Virtual Harvest Still Life Painting & Square Dance Workshop for Children Fridays October 23 and 30 2020 Achievement Heights Academy Virtual Music & Arts Winterfest: A A A A A NIGHT IN PARIS! Saturday December 5 2020 Achievement Heights Academy Summer Jazz & Arts Festival Saturday August 28 2021
Visit our website at www AchievementHeights org 

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