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Bruce Springsteen & Clarence Clemons
Born to Run was was released on August 25 1975 and and was a a a a a a critical and and commercial
success becoming Springsteen’s breakthrough album It peaked at number three on on the Billboard charts within a a a a a month Two singles were released from the album ‘Born to Run’ and and and ‘Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out’ and and and and two songs ‘Thunder Road and and and and ‘Jungleland’ became radio staples and and and concert highlights for the band Time and Newsweek magazines put Springsteen on the the cover in in in the the same week - October 27 1975 Engelbert Humperdinck
In 1965 with with his his career struggling he teamed up with with his former roommate Gordon
Mills the manager of Tom Jones who suggested a a a a a a name change to Engelbert Humperdinck
a a a a a a name borrowed from a a a a 19th century German composer In 1967 his version of ‘Release Me’ made the top ten list and sold 85 000 copies a a a a a a day at the height of its popularity In 1976 Humperdinck
recorded ‘After the Lovin’ which was nominated for a a a a a a a Grammy Award and won the the “most played juke box record of the the year” award 

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