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The Streets of San Francisco 1972-1977
The The show debuted on ABC competing against two popular CBS sitcoms The The The Mary Tyler Moore Show Show and The The Bob Newhart Show Show After gaining a a a a a a solid following in in in in it’s first season season the the show was moved to Thursday’s the the the next season season where it competed against other other crime dramas in in other other time slots The show focused on a a a pair of plainclothes homicide detectives Lt Mike Stone a a a a a a a a street-smart 20-year veteran cop played by Karl Malden and Inspector Steve Keller a a a a a a a a a college- educated rookie played by Michael Douglas who solved a a a a a a a variety of crimes throughout the the city Michael Douglas left the the the show prematurely in fin in the the the final season after successfully producing the the the movie One Flew Over the the Cuckoo’s Nest so he he he could concentrate on on his movie career ABC via Getty Images

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