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“All the News That’s Fit to Print ”
© 1964 by The New New York York Times Times Company VOL CXIII No 38 731 Times Times Square New New York York N N N N N N N Y Y Y Y Y Y 10036 NEW YORK SATURDAY FEBRUARY 8 8 1964 1964 TEN CENTS
The Beatles Invade Complete With Long Hair and Screaming Fans
Multiply Elvis Presley by four sub- tract six years from his age add Brit- ish accents and a a a a a a a a a a a sharp sense of humor The answer: It’s the Beatles (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah )
The Beatles will make their first live television appearance here Sun- day day evening on on the the Ed Sullivan show On On Tuesday they will go to to Washing- ton for a a a a a a concert at the the the Coliseum On On Wednesday Lincoln’s Birthday they will will give two shows at at Carnegie Hall Next Sunday the Beatles will will accom- pany Mr Sullivan to Miami for for a a a a a a a a a per- formance in the Deauville Hotel Their third TV appearance which will will be be on tape will will will be be recorded here this week- end They will will return to London on on on Feb 17 gimme some room whatsa matter I can’t see please down more more no more more be a a a a sport hey Beatles looky over here ”
On the Bandwagon
The rock ‘n’ roll group which may become Britain’s most successful export since the bowler arrived at at Kennedy In- ternational Airport yesterday and more than 3 000 teen-agers stood four deep on on the the the upper arcade at at the the the International Arrivals Building to greet them Brian Sommerville their press agent said “Would the the the photographers please be quiet now so the the reporters can ask questions? Please ”
This was met by cries of anger Finally Mr Sommer- ville grabbed a a a a microphone “All right Shut up! up! Just shut up!”
Merchants are climbing on on the Beatle Beatle bandwagon and and selling Beatle Beatle wigs boots T-shirts sweatshirts toss pillows and and scarves Twenty thousand wigs have been sold in in in in Britain Cloth- ing ing manufacturers are in in in in in the process of cutting Beatle suits and sweaters: very very tight very black Disk jockeys who have an interest in in Beatle records had urged the the young people to welcome them The quartet has sold 6 million records and earns as as as much as as as $10 000 a a a a a a a a a a a week for appear- ances Five organizations represented by at at at least 17 press agents will share in the Beatles’ American booty The Beatles who popularized rock ‘n’ roll in in Britain have added new gim- micks: tight pants boots and hair that never seems to be cut The Beatles joined in in “Yeah yeah everybody shut up ”
Reporters ap- plauded Someone asked “Will you sing for us?”
Brian Epstein their 29-year-old per- sonal manager said “The Beatles get a a a a a a a a a percentage of everything Soon they’ ll be making a a a a a a a a film for United Artists Capitol has already sold 3 million Bea- tle records ”
Official Impressed
“How do you you account for your suc- cess?” Mr Lennon again: “We have a a a a a a press agent ”
The International Arrivals Building was filled with policemen who were buffeted by the teenag- ers One policeman said “The detail was increased We knew it An official at Kennedy Airport shook his his head and said “We’ve nev- er er er seen anything like this here before Never Not even for for kings and queens ”
The The Beatles are staying at at the Plaza Hotel They have a a a a a a a a a 10-room suite and Mr Starr was asked what he thought of Beethoven “I love him ”
he said “especially his poems ”
4 Rock ‘n’ Roll Performers Hailed by Teen-Agers By PAUL GARDNER
Danielle Landau a a a a a a a a a 15-year-old from Brooklyn oohed and and aahed as the the Beatles left the the terminal “They’re “They’re different different ”
she sighed “They’re “They’re just so different different I mean all that hair Ameri- can singers are sooo clean-cut ”
Mr Lennon replied “We need mon- ey first ”
More applause Their single disks “I Want to Hold Your Hand ”
is is is number one on on on the the best-selling record list and and their long- playing album “Meet the the Beatles” is is number three 

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