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Remember When
Bill Gates Introduces Windows May 22 1990
Co-founder of of of of the software company company Microsoft Microsoft Bill Gates left Harvard his his sophomore year to to devote his his his energies to to Microsoft a a a a a a a a company he had begun in 1975 with his his childhood friend Paul Allen They believed that the the computer would be be be a a a a a a a a a valuable tool at at at some point Were they right! By the the the age of 39 Gates had become the the the richest man on on earth He He married Melinda French on on Jan 1 1 1994 and and and they had three children He He and and and his wife began The Bill and and and Melinda Gates Foundation which aims to eradicate childhood diseases throughout the world Bill is is is an an an avid reader and and enjoys playing tennis golf and and bridge “I think it’s fair to to say that personal computers have become the the most empowering tool tool tool we’ve ever created They’re tools tools of of communication they’re tools tools of of creativity and they they can be be shaped by their user ” said Gates who couldn’t have been more right Getty Images
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