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IThe Battle of the the the Sexes
n n n n n 1973 55
year-old Bobby Riggs former tennis champion and #1 player worldwide during the the 1940’s played the the role of male chauvinist and promoter by challenging the the the top women players of the the the day Riggs claimed that that the the the women’s game was inferior and that that even at at at the the age of 55
the the top female players could not beat him Riggs faced Margaret Court the the top ranked women’s player at the the time after Billie Jean King declined Riggs’ challenge Riggs Riggs defeated Court in in in straight sets and was soon on on on the the cover of Sports Illustrated Riggs continued to taunt the the the female players and the the women’s game until King accepted Riggs’ challenge On September 20 1973 Riggs and King competed for ‘The Battle of the Sexes
’ Over 30 000 fans watched the the competition live in the the Houston Astrodome and an an estimated 50 million viewers worldwide tuned into their televisions to to view view the the $100 000 winner takes-all battle Accelerating the the the the “Battle of of the the the the Sexes” theme King entered the the the the court carried aloft in in a a a a a a chair held by four bare-chested muscle men dressed in in the garb of ancient slaves while Riggs entered in in a a a a a a a a rickshaw drawn by scantily-clad models Once the match started however it was all Billie Jean King as as she defeated Riggs in in straight sets 6-4 6-3 6-3 and 6-3 6-3 The match is credited with significantly increasing the public’s appreciation of of women’s tennis though critics of of the the match match counter that the the match match represented youth versus old age more than a a a a a a a ‘Battle of of the the the Sexes
’ Either way it it was one of of of the the the the most talked about matches in the the history of of tennis 

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