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Heidi F F Friedman Esq Board Certified Elder Law Attorney
Specializing in in Asset Protection Veterans Administration & Medicaid Planning to help pay for long-term care costs
Don't outlive your assets!
Create an an an estate plan that protects you you you and your your money LIFE BEFORE LEGACY ESTATE PLAN
Call Us Today to See if if Life Before Legacy Estate Planning is Right For You!
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Estate planning is one of the most important & underutilized tools to protect your hard-earned assets against the cost of long term care Individuals 65+ have almost a a a a a 70% chance of of needing some type of of long- term care care services in their future Women on on average need care care longer than men * With the average annual cost of long-term care services ranging
from $47 934 -$97 455 it's important that your assets are protected to avoid running out of money Life before Legacy Estate Planning allows you you to plan for for your life and still be able to leave an an inheritance for your loved ones With our our specialized estate planning you'll protect a a a a a a a significant part of your assets and still receive the care you desire!
Life Before Legacy Planning is right for for you you if if you you want to:
✔ Protect your assets against the immense cost of long-term care ✔ Receive long-term care you you want not that you you can simply afford ✔ Ensure that you you leave a a a a legacy to your loved ones 

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