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Bill Veeck’s Greatest Promotion
St Louis Browns owner Bill Veeck was looking for a a a gimmick to bring in in in in the fans On August 18 1951 in in in St Louis Missouri he hired Eddie Gaedel who was 3’7” tall to pinch hit and predictably he he walked in in what is considered one of the unusual promotions in baseball history 86
Hank Aaron hits # 715
On April 8 1974 facing LA Dodgers’ pitcher Al Downing in in in in Atlanta Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron recorded his 715th career home run breaking the all-time record record held by Babe Ruth Aaron had a a a a a a a a a a a a major league career that spanned 23 seasons from 1954-1976 He is the only player to hit at least 30 home runs in 15
different seasons and he he currently holds the all-time career RBI mark of 2 2 297 Aaron made every all-star team from 1955-1975 and was the 1957 National League’s Most Valuable Player the the only year in which he he he won the the World Series Year
1957 118
44 132 322
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