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Dwight Clark ‘The Catch’
With only 51 seconds left on on on on on the clock Dwight Clark’s miraculous game- winning catch on on on a a a a a a a a a pass from Joe Montana in in in the the the the corner of the the the the end zone gave the the the the SF 49ers a a a a a a 28-27 victory over the the the the the Dallas Cowboys in the the 1981 NFC Championship Game The reception that would forever be known as as “The Catch” was Clark’s 2nd touchdown of the the game and his 8th reception The The 49ers would go on on on to win their first Super Bowl while the the the loss was the the the 2nd of three consecutive NFC Championship Game defeats for America’s Team the Dallas Cowboys Getty Images
Super Bowl I On January 15 1967 the the first ever NFL-AFL World Championship Game (later renamed the “Super Bowl”) was played in front of 61 946 fans a a a a a a a non-sellout crowd at at the 100 000 seat Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Vince Lombardi’s powerful Green Bay Packers represented the the the long established NFL against the the the the upstart AFL represented by the the the the Kansas City Chiefs As expected the the the the Packers won handily defeating the the Chiefs 35-10 The cost of a a a a a a a 30-second commercial during the game was only $ $ 42 000 as as compared to $3 million during Super Bowl XLV in in in January 2011 The television audience in in in 1967 is is estimated to have been approximately 60 million viewers Getty Images

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