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Alliance of Delray Residential Associations
Connecting With Communities through ZOOM Meetings
Alliance of Delray Executive Vice President hosting a a Zoomcast meeting During the the the past few months of the the the COVID-19 pandemic the the the Alliance ofDelrayhasbeenmaintainingcontactwithitsmembercommunities On May 22 2020 the the Alliance piloted its its Zoomcast programs with with a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a meeting featuringSenatorLoriBermanwhoprovidedupdatesontheFloridaBudget COVID -19 and unemployment woes Senator Senator Lori Berman Berman reported that that the Florida Legislature in in Tallahassee wasinsessionuntilMarch SenatorBermanprovidedfiguresthatshowed how how some of of the Florida budget of of $95 billion was was was was being allocated The housing fund fund was was was fully funded and teachers’ pay was was was to increase by $500
Active Atlantic Avenue Ag Reserve Development Projects
“X” marks the the the the spot of of a a a a a a a a few notable current projects along the the the the west Delray corridor within the the the the the Agricultural Reserve Beginning at at the the the the the north east corner of of 441 with with an an an an an an industrial industrial land land use designation the the the 12 77 acre “Young Property” isbeingrezonedtolightindustrial Plannedareenhancedlandscapingand buffering increased setback of of 150 feet with a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 50 50 foot foot buffer buffer and and and a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a six foot foot wall at the the the the north side side of of of the the the the property property adjacent to the the the the residential development South and and east of of of the the the the Young property property West Atlantic Business Plaza received approvals in in in 2019 for self-storage office/warehouse office/warehouse and and and light repair andmaintenanceusers Thisnewapplicationrequestsoffice/warehouse uses rather than the the limited repair and and and and maintenance maintenance use use use use and and and and self-storage The proposed amendment is a a a a a a a a a a a a a a reduction of overall intensity and and and square footagetotheproject To the the the the east of the the the the West Atlantic Atlantic Atlantic Business Plaza also on the the the the south side ofAtlanticisaproposedproject“ReserveatAtlantic ” Theapplicantis proposing a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a land use amendment to allow development of of residential density above the the maximum 1 dwelling unit per acre and and reduce the the required amount
million million including bringing existing teachers’ salaries commensurate with their yearsofservice $100millionwasallocatedtobuylandforconservation and$400millionwasallottedtofightthecoronavirusanditseffects Local projects were also included in in the the the proposed budget Senator Berman noted that the the the the Governor had had not not not yet reviewed the the the the budget and therefore had had had not not not not approved nor nor vetoed any portions of of it She also noted that as as of of of the the the May Zoomcast unemployment compensation compensation had had provided relief to only 10% of of the the the the applications applications receiving compensation compensation before the the the the virus The applications applications have increased substantially in in in the the the the past two months and it it is expected that the the the the federal government will supplement Also theCARESActsuppliesadditionalmoney Senator Berman’s phone number is (561) 292-6014 She encouraged thosewhoneedhelpwithunemploymentcontactheroffice Foodbanks have been set up in in in various locations in in in Palm Beach County The Alliance also has more Zoomcast meetings scheduled including one inJunewhereTommyStrowd theExecutiveVicePresidentoftheLake Worth Drainage District (LWDD) will be speaking on on water issue concerns and and the the bidding process for lands owned by the the LWDD LWDD of preservation within the Agricultural Reserve Tier for for projects providing workforce housing On the the the north side of Atlantic Avenue adjacent to the the the Delray Delray Marketplace Marketplace anapplicationhasbeensubmittedunderthename“DelrayMarketplace Office” which is is requesting development of of of professional and medical office square footage The The 2 05 acre piece piece is is is currently a a a a a a a a a a a a a preserve parcel for the the DelrayMarketplace TheApplicantisproposingtoswitchoutanotherpiece of land in in the the the the Agricultural Reserve for the the the the preserve and and utilize commercial squarefootagefromanotherprojectonBoyntonBeachBoulevardwhich does not not not require the the the the the square square footage footage thereby not not not increasing the the the the the commercial cap in in in the the the the Agricultural Reserve which is a a a a a a a a relief to area residents www AllianceofDelray com 

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