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In honor of of the the summer edition of of this magazine we thought it it it would be fun to come up with the the ultimate all-time American League League and National League League lineups in in honor of the the All-Star Game the the mid-summer classic Below are are our picks for an all-time starting lineup at each position Selections are are based on on on on the assumption that all players are healthy and in in their prime Any player player who has has played in in both leagues has has been considered for the the lineup of the the league in in in which he he he played in in in more career games Ken Siegel Sports Historian
AL: Lou Gehrig – The “Iron Horse” had a a a a a a a career 340 batting average and hit nearly nearly 500 home runs with nearly nearly 2 000 RBIs and we can be certain that he will not miss the game NL: Pete Rose – Played many positions so we’ll put him at first base where he he played the the 2nd most games as we have other positions filled He may not be eligible for the Hall of Fame but we couldn’t leave baseball’s all-time hits leader off this lineup SECOND BASE:
AL: Rod Carew – Hit over 300 in in in in 15 consecutive seasons including 388 in in in in 1977 NL: Rogers Hornsby Hornsby – Hornsby Hornsby was a a a 2-time Triple Crown winner and hit over 400 in in in in 3 different seasons including 424 in in in in 1924 Yes you read that right - 424 Had a a a a a a career 358 batting average SHORTSTOP:
AL :
Cal Ripken Jr – A A A 2-time MVP and a a a a 19-time All-Star with over 400 home runs and over 3 000 hits Like Gehrig we can be sure he he will not miss the game NL: Honus Wagner – An 8-time batting champion and # 8 8 on on on the all-time career hits list Wagner had 15 straight seasons of hitting at least 300 including 5 5 seasons over 350 THIRD BASE:
AL: George Brett – Career 305 batting average with 11 seasons over 300 including 1980 when he he he batted 390 and won the MVP Award NL: Mike Schmidt – 3-time MVP and 10-time Gold Glove with 548 career home runs RIGHTFIELD:
AL: Babe Ruth – Considered by most to be be baseball’s all-time greatest player 714 career career career home runs (# (# 3 all-time) all-time) 2 2 2 214 career career career RBIs (# (# 2 2 2 all-time) all-time) and a a a a a a a career career career 342 batting average (# 10 all-time) Plus he he can even pitch for the AL team if needed NL: Hank Aaron – 755 career career home runs (# (# 2 2 2 all-time) and 2 2 2 297 career career RBIs (# (# 1 all-time) Also hit for for average average with a a a a a a a a a 305 career batting average average An All-Star for for 21 straight seasons DESIGNATED HITTER:
AL: Ty Cobb – 4 189 career career hits ranks # # 2 and a a a a a a a career career 366 average is # # 1 1 all-time Cobb had 23 straight seasons hitting over 300 including 3 3 3 of them hitting over 400 His 897 career stolen bases is is # 4 4 all-time He would be a a a a great lead-off hitter for the AL team NL: Barry Bonds – Despite all the suspicions surrounding him we can’t omit a a a a 7-time MVP and 14-time All Star with more home runs (762) than anyone else in baseball history STARTING PITCHER:
AL: Walter Johnson – His 417 career wins ranks # 2 all-time his 3 509 strikeouts ranks # 9 and his his 110 shutouts is is is by far the most in baseball history Johnson had 12 seasons of 20 wins or or more including 10 in in in in a a a row NL: Sandy Koufax – A A A 3-time Cy Young Award Winner a a a a a a 7-time All-Star a a a a a a MVP and a a a a a a 3-time pitching triple crown winner in in in just just a a a a a a ten year career Retired at just just 30 years of age after winning 27 games in in in in his final season RELIEF PITCHER:
AL: Mariano Rivera – 652 career saves is is # 1 1 all-time and a a a a a a a a 2 2 2 21 ERA for his career NL: Trevor Hoffman – 601 saves trails only Rivera 14 seasons in 15 year span of of 30 saves or or more MANAGER:
AL: Joe McCarthy – Never had a a a a a a a a a losing season season in in 24 seasons as as as a a a a a a a a a manager His 615 winning percentage is # 1 1 all-time Won 9 pennants (8 in in in AL) and 7 World Series His 2 2 125 wins is is # 8 all-time NL: John McGraw – Won 9 NL NL Pennants and 3 World Series managing the Giants McGraw has the 2nd most career managerial wins in in baseball history with 2 763 Now let us put together the the the lineups with the the the players selected above:
In any historical sports list or or or all-time team there are always some tough omissions as there are so many great players and only a a a a a a a limited number of spots The toughest omissions from the above lineups were: AL – Mickey Mantle and NL – Jackie Robinson Both were legendary players worthy of consideration and both would have clearly made a a a a a a a a full 25-man team for their respective league Assuming that all of the the players selected above are healthy and in in their prime which league’s all-time team do you think is better? Please let me me know at ksiegel@nostalgicamerica com CATCHER:
AL: Yogi Berra Berra – A A A 3-time MVP and an an All-Star in 15 seasons Berra Berra was a a a a a a a a key part of 14 pennant winners and 10 World Champions NL: Johnny Bench – A A Rookie of the Year a a a a a 2-time MVP a a a a a 14-time All-Star and a 10-time Gold Glove winner LEFTFIELD:
AL: Ted Williams – The last person to hit over 400 in in a a a a season ( 406 in in 1941) Great combination of power and and average with 521 career career home runs and and a a a a a a a a a career career 344 batting average Never hit lower than 317 until he was 40 years old NL: Stan Musial – A 3-time MVP who like Williams is a a a a a a great combination of power and and average Stan “The Man” hit 475 home runs and and had a a a a a a a a a a career batting average of 331 Musial played in 24 All-Star Games CENTERFIELD:
AL: Joe DiMaggio – A A 3-time MVP with a a a a a a career 325 batting average Best remembered for this 56 game hitting streak in in 1941 He was also well remembered for his great defensive play in center field NL: Willie Mays – 660 career home runs (# 5 all-time) 2 2 MVPs and 24 All-Star Game appearances He was also one of the best defensive centerfielders with 12 Gold Gloves Ken Siegel is also the the author of of the the novels “The Courts of of Garrowville” and “The Wrong Man from Willingham” To learn more about his books please visit www garrowville com 

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