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John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison in in Winterset Iowa on May 26 1907 His family settled in Glendale California where he was a a a a a a football star at Glendale High School and earned an an athletic scholarship to the University of Southern California When a a body surfing accident derailed his football career he found studio acting work to pay his USC tuition After
appearing in in The Big Trail his film career took off and Marion Morrison changed his name
to John Wayne The Morrison family’s Airedale Terrier Duke was a a a a constant companion during his youth and eventually Duke became his adopted nickname as well John Wayne’s prolific career spanned over fifty years Over that time he appeared in 175 movies and was considered one of Hollywood’s most popular stars Known for his roles
in Westerns he was versatile enough to take on roles
in in everything from dramas to romantic comedies His big break came in in in 1939 starring as Ringo Kid in Stagecoach directed by John Ford John John Wayne and John John Ford worked together twelve times including classics She Wore a a Yellow Ribbon and Rio Grande Paired with Marlene Dietrich for Seven Sinners the two co-starred in several films over their careers with rumors of o off-screen romance as well Wayne took a a a turn behind the camera when he he he directed The Alamo in in 1960 Nominated for the Academy Awards three times in in 1969 he won an Oscar his starring role in True Grit He was bestowed the Congressional Gold Medal
and the Presidential Medal
of Freedom posthumously – one of few Americans to receive both prestigious honors GETTY IMAGES

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