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Alliance of Delray Residential Associations
Atlantic Avenue Expansion: Working on on the Future
With the the the the imminent expansion of of Atlantic Avenue west of of the the the the FloridaTurnpikecomestheopportunitytobeautifythegatewayto theAgriculturalReserveandtocreatemoreusablegreenspacefor ourresidents TheAlliancehasbeenworkingonplanstocreatea recreational strand next to to to the the the Lake Worth Drainage District (LWDD) canalwhich withtheexpansionoftheAvenue willneedtoberelocated further south of of of where it it now exists The design of of of the the the the strand into a a a a a a a somewhat “linear park” provides
an an an opportunity to to to add green infrastructure to to to the the the engineering of of the the the roadway Environmentally-friendlywatertreatmentandimproved drainage could result and and benefit the adjacent canal ecosystem as as well The The complete project of of expansion is is composed of of two phases The The roadway design between State Road Road 7/441 and and Lyons Road Road is is is wrapping up and and the the the the Department of of of Transportation (DOT) is is moving intotheRight-of-Wayprocurementphase However thedesignofthe roadway from Lyons Road Road east to to to to the the the the Florida Turnpike and beyond uptoJogRoadisnotexpectedtobefinisheduntil2027 Therefore the the the Alliance is is is working to to to approach the the the design of the the the two projects fin in in a a a a a a cohesive way The rendering rendering (see photo) shows a a a a a a a tree and and shrub-lined “broadwalk” with a a a a a a a meanderingmulti-usepath Inthecomingmonths morerenderingsincludinga monumentforthegatewaywillbedesigned BeingaStateRoad coordination mustoccurbetweentheDOT adjacentpropertyowners LakeWorthDrainage District and and Palm Beach County’s Engineering Department and and Board of Commissioners TheAlliancehasnavigatedthroughthisprocessmanytimesover the the the the the twenty four years that it it it has has been working for for the the the the the betterment of of the the the the the community This design effort to beautify the the the the the the western corridor addresses sustainability of of of the the the the the the environment and improvement of the the Palm Beach County lifestyle Working to to Make Conditions Better for Communities Adjacent to to Industrial Land
IncorrespondencetotheZoningCommission theAlliancevoiced concernforneighboringcommunitiesadjacenttotheindustrialnodelocated atthecornerofAtlanticAvenueandStateRoad7/441 ZoningApplication ABN/Z-2019-01611(YoungPropertyNorth–seephotoleft)requesteda ZoningMapAmendment Sincethisisanindustrialnodewithafutureland usedesignationofIndustrial CountyStaffrecommendedapprovalhowever recognizing that that the the 12 77 acre parcel is is located adjacent to to a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Planned Unit Development justasthe“SouthYoungProperty”(seephotoright)is(that ZoningApplicationZ-2019-01612waspresentedbackinJanuary2020)
Staff placed placed similar conditions conditions conditions on on on on on on on on on this application The special conditions conditions conditions placed placed on on on on on on on on on the parcel included minimum setbacks for specific conditions conditions conditions maximum building height and and upgraded landscape buffering There are are a a a a a a a a a a a a a number of uses in in in in in this Industrial Zoning District that are are permitted-by-right or could be be subject to only an an Administrative Approval and and not not a a a a a a a a a a a Public Hearing (if the development did not not exceed 100 000 sq ft onanindividualparcelofland) TheAlliancearguedthisposition and and that further conditions should be placed on on on on on on the the the parcel parcel to protect the the the adjacent residential development Activities which cause environmental concerns such as composting mulching soil production and and manure processingshouldbeprohibited Tofurtherprotectresidentiallandvalues communicationtowersshouldbeprohibitedaswell Theconditionofa minimumsetbackof150feetfromaresidentialpropertylineisnotsufficient foracompostingfacility TheAgriculturalReserveisfastbecomingamoreresidentialareaof theCounty TheAlliancehasitsfingeronthepulseofthecommunity People are are thrilled to to live here here and and and many are are expecting more amenities and and and services Therefore theAlliancemustrespondtotheseneedsandprotect ourneighboringassociations www AllianceofDelray com 

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