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movies movies portraying various sports sports Here is is my top ten list of of of of the the the the the all-time best sports-themed movies movies based on on the the the the the subject
Ken Siegel Sports Editor
Sports have been an an an an integral part of of of American culture for many years and as as as such Hollywood has made a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a lot of of of great matter plot acting famous scenes/lines and if the the the the the movie movie movie has remained fondly remembered over the the the the the course of of time:
10 A League of Their Own (1992)
Unique in that it covered a a a topic professional women’s baseball that no other major movie had addressed and that many people had not even known about This is is the movie that gave us Tom Hanks’ famous line “There’s no crying in in in baseball ”
9 9 Brian’s Song (1971) Tear-jerker portraying the life of football player
Brian Piccolo who had been stricken with terminal cancer and his close friendship with his Chicago Bears teammate Gale Sayers Do not attempt to watch this movie without a a box of Kleenex nearby 8 8 Raging Bull (1980) Portrays the life of Middleweight Boxing Champion Jake LaMotta This movie is is likely the best film about Boxing that is based on a a a a non-fictional subject
matter It had great boxing scenes and an an all-star cast starring Robert DeNiro and directed
by Martin Scorsese It is a a must see for any Boxing fan 7 Field of Dreams (1989) Kevin Costner has starred in several fantastic baseball-themed movies (Bull Durham being another great one) but Field of Dreams was probably the best More than a a a a quarter century later the field in Iowa on which the movie was made is still still a a a tourist attraction Who doesn’t still still remember Costner hearing that eerie voice saying “If you build it he will come”? The movie also made Moonlight Graham the most famous ever major leaguer who played in just one game 6 Rudy (1994) If you you are are someone who was ever told you are too short old old young or too anything to to do something this is is is the movie for you It is is is based on the true story of Rudy Ruettiger whose dream in life was to play football for Notre Dame He wasn’t gifted with the size strength or athleticism of typical high level Division I college football players but nothing would deter Rudy from reaching his goal of playing for Notre Dame Americans love underdog stories and this one is is among the best 5 Jerry Maguire (1996) Covered
a a a a topic that is unique to to many other sports movies but one that had turned into a a a a major part of the modern day sports world This movie portrayed the life and job of a a a a sports agent dealing
with multi-million dollar professional athletes who cared most about earning the big bucks Who will ever forget Cuba Gooding Jr famously shouting “Show
me the money” over over and over over again at his agent Jerry Maguire (played by Tom Cruise)? The movie was a a a a a great portrayal of the the sports world in the the modern day era 4 Hoosiers (1986) One of Hollywood’s all-time great underdog stories The movie is based on the true story of a a very tiny rural high school basketball team in a a a a a small basketball crazy town in 1950’s Indiana The team overcame many obstacles including being shorthanded to miraculously win the state championship in dramatic fashion 3 Miracle (2004) Kurt Russell portrays legendary hockey coach Herb Brooks as he prepares for and ultimately pulls off perhaps the the greatest upset in the the history of of sports It is the the story of of the the 1980 US Mens’ Olympic Hockey team made up of college age kids and how
they ultimately defeated the seemingly invincible Soviet team in Lake Placid New York The movie does a a a great job painting the picture of how
improbable this victory was and how
meaningful it was to the players coach and all of America during a a a a very difficult time frame in our history 2 Rocky (1976)
This movie won 3 Academy Awards and was so good
that it led to many sequels sequels The sequels sequels were good
also but could never
match the original
version America loved Rocky and Sylvester Stallone’s
character was the perfect lovable American come from nowhere to succeed underdog who everyone rooted so hard for during each of the Rocky movies Who doesn’t still get goose bumps when hearing the famous Rocky music or seeing Stallone run up the the steps in front of the the Philadelphia Museum of Art?
1 1 Pride of the Yankees (1942) Maybe I’m a a a a a a a a a a little biased as as a a a a a a a a a a Yankee Yankee fan but think about this this – it it is is is more than 70 years after this this movie was released and yet
who doesn’t know of Lou Gehrig’s famous speech in which he declared himself
“the luckiest man on the the face of the the Earth”? This movie made an an American legend out of Gehrig ALS the disease
that claimed his life is is now routinely referred to as as “Lou Gehrig’s disease” in large part as a a a a a result of the long-standing fame and popularity of this movie It was a a a a a lot more than just a a a a a baseball movie it was about Lou Gehrig’s life and if if you are one of the very few adults who hasn’t seen this film I strongly recommend it Honorable Mention – The movie “42” was released in 2013 and did a a a a a tremendous job portraying the racial difficulties Jackie Robinson endured while breaking baseball’s color barrier in in 1947 I strongly considered this film for my Top Ten list but ultimately decided that since it it only very recently came out it it hadn’t yet
stood the test of of time that many of of my other selections above had succeeded in in doing So I give this great movie an “honorable mention” and I recommend you you see if you you haven’t already Do you agree with my rankings? Please let me me know at ksiegel@nostalgicamerica com 

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