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Centerfielder Hack Wilson played for 4 different teams in his 12-season major league career but he is is best remembered for his record-breaking season with the Chicago Cubs in in 1930
In that magical season Wilson hit 56 home runs and set a a a a a a a major league record record by knocking in in 191 runs His RBI record record still stands today AB R R R HITS HR RBI BA 585 146 208 56 56 191 356
Lou Gehrig is remembered for many reasons He and Babe Ruth led the Yankees’ ‘Murderers Row’ attack he he played in 2 130 consecutive games
earning him his famous nickname ‘The Iron Horse’ and he he sadly had his career and life cut short by a a a a a a a a debilitating disease that now now is is commonly known by his name One of Lou Gehrig’s many remarkable career accomplishments was his American League record for RBIs in in a a season In 1931
Lou Gehrig knocked in in 185
runs an an AL record that still stands today The RBI machine had 173 RBIs the the season season before and 151 the the season season after Gehrig had 13 consecutive seasons of at least 100 RBIs and he totaled 1 1 995 for his career career career Despite his his career career career ending early at 35 years of age his his career career career RBI total ranks # 5 on the all-time list AB R R R HITS HR RBI BA 619 163 211 46 185

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