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The West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills New York was the site of the U S Tennis Open for substantially all all years from 1915 to 1977 Many greats of the the the sport won the the the famed tournament on on these grounds including Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson who became the the first African Americans to win the the Mens’ and Womens’ Singles Tournaments respectively The West Side Tennis Club was also the the site of of 10 Davis Cup Finals the the most of of any venue worldwide Though this famed location is is is best remembered for tennis it also hosted many famous concerts over the years including Frank Sinatra The The Beatles The The Who and many others Starting in in in 1978 the the U S S Open had outgrown the the West Side Tennis Club and was moved to its current location in in Flushing Meadows New York SPORTS ILLUSTRATED / GETTY IMAGES

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