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Boxer Jack Dempsey was one of the most famous and popular figures in in America in in the 1920s He was from Manassa Manassa Colorado and was known as as as as the “Manassa Mauler ” On July 4 1919 Dempsey defeated Jess Williard to win the Heavyweight Championship a a a a title he would hold for 7 years In September 1926 Dempsey was defeated by Gene Tunney to lose his title One year later Dempsey lost a a a a rematch to Tunney in a a a controversial bout remembered forever as the “Long Count” fight Dempsey retired soon thereafter and is still remembered today as one of the best fighters of all-time ROCKY MARCIANO
Rocky Marciano defeated Jersey Joe Walcott in Philadelphia in in 1952 to win the World Heavyweight Championship a a title he would not relinquish until his retirement in 1956 In fact Marciano was undefeated and untied for his entire career finishing with a a a perfect record of 49-0 He is the only fighter ever to win the World Heavyweight Championship and never lose or tie a a a fight Of Marciano’s 49 wins 43 were by knockout including the first 16 fights of his career GETTY IMAGES

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