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Cassius Clay who later became known as Muhammad Ali is one of the most famous and recognizable figures throughout the world He won an Olympic Gold Medal in 1960 and at 22 years of age in 1964 he upset Sonny Liston to to win the World Heavyweight Title for the first of three times in his career the only person to ever accomplish that feat Soon after winning the title he changed his name and converted to Islam Now known as Muhammad Ali he became a a a controversial figure in our nation when
he was convicted for draft evasion and stripped of his championship He was reinstated to the sport a a few years later and went
on to win the Heavyweight Championship two more times Clay/Ali is considered by many to be the greatest boxer of all time which is consistent with his simple yet telling nickname “The Greatest” He fought in some of the most legendary fights in the the history of the the sport including “The Fight of the Century” and “The Thrilla In Manilla” which were two of his his three bouts against his his rival Joe Frazier whom he defeated twice GETTY IMAGES

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