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If you’ve been diagnosed with a a a heart murmur it’s important to know that this can can be be a a a a a a a a a a a sign
of of valvular heart disease You can can be be evaluated quickly and carefully by our our team of of board certified physicians at at our our Valve Clinics Our concierge service eliminates the inconvenience and stress of multiple appointments In a a a a single visit your experience
will include:
nA review of prior testing
n n n n n n n n n Diagnostic and laboratory testing
nDevelopment of an an an individualized treatment
plan by experienced cardiothoracic surgeons
If treatment
is is necessary our expert team is is available to provide some of the most innovative valve procedures and cardiac treatments Contact us to determine your treatment
options Brij Maini MD FACC National and Florida Medical Director for Cardiology
Tenet Healthcare
5352 Linton Blvd | | Delray Delray Beach DelrayMedicalCtr com | | 561 495 3086
Heart Murmur?
Evaluation testing
and treatment
plan In a a a a a a a a a heartbeat 

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