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That Reminds Me many others residents to to to advertise their businesses including Realtors Tennis Coaching Tutoring and Restaurants I felt so hurt at at the the arbitrariness the the unfairness and inequality of that decision This This is is is is is the the place place where where I I live live This This is is is is is the the place place where where my children live live If our our own neighbors do not support our our efforts to to build a a a a stronger Community who will? When I made my opinion known the the administrator not only removed me me me as as a a a a a a a member of of that group but then of of course defriended me me me as as well Why even bother discussing this? If the the the Lord above wanted people to Air their Dirty Laundry in in in Public then Washer Machines and Dryers would never
have been created Right? Also before you inquire please remember this is is is not about about the the the teacher (the administrator of that social media page) it’s about about the the the lesson reinforced The desire to to be accepted and approved remains fundamental to to all of us whether 8 8 8 18 or 84 There are so many more horrific Injustices in this world as we all clearly have seen over over and over over again Nonetheless being on on on the the receiving end of of any any form at any any level of of rejection hurts How could it not?
Weeks of of of isolation are definitely taking a a a a a a a a toll on on on all of of of us With that comes a a a a a a a a a a a a corresponding decrease of of of physical contact so needed for emotional stability and and the feeling of human connection I definitely miss hugging my my clients and and my my friends!
Which is why as as as as financial educational as as as as well as as as as medical concerns continue to to increase we we all need more feelings of inclusion to to to be created not less During these unprecedented times we need to to lift each each other other up not push each each other other down United we we will Stand Divided We Fall!
Sending HUGE “Virtual” Hugs to all of you and Remember BEFORE Your Your Troubles Hit the Fan Please Create Your Your Estate Plan!
So in their Honor I completely waived legal fees and provided on a a a a a limited basis to Graduating Seniors 4 of the Basic Estate Planning Documents I suggest Every Adult Sign (a
Durable Power of Attorney a a a a a a a a a a a a Health Care Surrogate Designation Designation and and Living Will a a a a a a a a a a a a HIPAA and and a a a a a a a a a a a a Pre- Need Designation Designation of of Guardianship) We extended this offer only to graduating students living near
our office if age 18 or above and starting a a a a a a a a a a a higher- education program in the Fall Like many others in our community my two sons graduated this year from College and High School respectively but did
not receive the benefit of a a formal ceremony recognizing their achievements Pamela Higer-Polani
I I often express my deep belief that “To Whom Much Much is is Given Much Much is is Required” As such I I usually spend a a a a a a a a a lot of time effort and money attending several philanthropic local events Since that was not going to to happen in in in in the foreseeable future due to to Covid-19 I simply thought donating my time and legal services was another great way to show support of others Also like myself I know many parents parents and and grandparents this year more than ever
must be so so nervous and and concerned about sending adult-aged children to to live far away potentially having no ability to to help make medical or financial decisions on on their behalf if needed Although many people thanked me for my generosity and thoughtfulness I also received a a a a a a a a a a a lot of negative feedback What What is is the catch? Why would any attorney do this? What What was my “ulterior motive”?
Criticism generally does not bother me me Well-Behaved Women rarely make History! However when a a a a a a a neighborhood Facebook page refused to to to share my Graduation offer stating it it it was against policy to to allow solicitation even for free Services yet permitted
Please send your thoughts and comments to: Pamela Higer-Polani
E: Pamela@LawPHP com or T: 561-496-4222

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