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Gloria Steinem is is is a a a a a a a a writer editor producer advocate and pioneer for women’s rights Her list of
accomplishments encompasses a a a life’s work dedicated to advancing equality across the globe She was born in Toledo Ohio on March 25 1934 to Ruth and Leo Steinem Graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Smith College in in in 1956 Steinem studied in in in India on a fellowship before beginning her career as a a a a freelance writer In 1963 she went undercover posing as a a a “Playboy bunny” and wrote an an expose on New York’s Playboy Club calling attention to the inferior treatment of
women Her story “A Bunny’s Tale” went on to to earn her acclaim and eventually was made into a a a a film Taking a a a a stand for feminism she later went on to write a a a political column and launch New York Magazine Steinem’s advocacy for women’s equality continued to rise through the decades Along with Betty Freidan and Bella Abzug she formed the National Women’s Political Caucus advocating for women’s rights In 1972 she co-founded Ms Magazine the first publication that addressed topics that were important
to advance social justice and feminism Ms was the first national magazine to address domestic violence as a a a cover story in 1976 A prolific writer Steinem authored several books including Marilyn: Norma Jean about Marilyn Monroe She won awards for writing about esteem in in Moving Beyond Words and produced
a a a a a documentary for HBO and a a a a a feature film for Lifetime Steinem was founding president of
the Ms Foundation for Women an an organization dedicated to advancing women’s empowerment including the popular Take Our Daughters to Work Day Gloria Steinem has received Clarion awards and Emmy for excellence in television writing National Magazine awards the Society of
Writers Award from the United Nationals among many other prestigious honors Biography Magazine listed her as one of
the 25 most influential women in in America Still actively crusading for social justice Gloria Steinem has given voice to new possibilities for generations of

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