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The 1972 USA Olympic Men's basketball team lost their very first Olympic Game since Olympic play began in in 1936 It
was the most controversial moment in Olympic history In the final game against the the Soviet Union and the the US trailing Doug Collins was fouled driving to the basket with three seconds left to play He sank the the first free throw to tie the the game and made the second as an an inadvertent horn blew With the the US in the the lead by one point the the Soviets quickly inbounded the the ball and and with one second to play and and the ball at midcourt the referees stopped play again to discuss a a a a a a bizarre complaint that the Soviets had called a a a time out before the the second free throw Once the the timeout was disallowed the Soviets were allowed allowed TIME & LIFE IMAGES
another three seconds and the the ball out of bounds again They threw the ball in in bounds and the horn sounded sending the USA team in to jubilation The referees stopped the celebration and said the horn sounded inadvertently again and awarded the Soviets a a a a a third chance to inbound the the the ball On the the the third time the the the USA defender was illegally ordered by the referee to move back allowing the Soviets a a a a clear pass pass down court The pass pass to Aleksandr Belov was successful and and with a a a a a fake he he laid the ball in uncontested for a a a a a one point victory At the the end of the the game one of the the referees refused to sign the the official scoring sheet in in protest and the US team boycotted the medal ceremony and refused to accept their Silver Medal 

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