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The bus shelters can be be removed and and relocated or or or stored Apparently this spring the the City City was going to to to begin construction and and according to to to Richard Pereira P P E from Delray Beach the the City City is is setting up a a a a a a a a a a a a a a schedule to to to relocate unused shelters to to to active bus stops based on availability of time and resources This can’t come soon enough for residents in in in the west Delray neighborhoodsurroundingLintonBoulevardandMilitaryTrail Ithas
been brought to to to to the Alliance’s attention that bus stop 6381 (see Bus
Route 88 Map) with location described as Linton Blvd @ Bldg 4675 E E Ent [NW] is non-ADA compliant and not sheltered A A A $373 750 grant through Palm Beach Beach County was used by the the city of Delray Beach Beach for a a a a a a a a a a a a transit infrastructure project project which began in in in in in in 2011 The project project included the the the installation of bus bus shelters within the the Linton Blvd /Germantown Rd /Atlantic Avenuearea Itappearsthatthisbusstopwasoverlookedsince directly acrossLintonBlvd onthesouthsideoftheroad thereisashelteredbus stop stop In August 2011 an an an Alliance Alliance Member Community did request that that the the the the bus stop stop be be included in in in in that that infrastructure project The Alliance Alliance continues to to to pursue this issue Alliance of Delray Residential Associations
Kick-Off of Atlantic Avenue Widening
The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has
initiated a a a a a a a a a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study along Avenue (SR 806) from the Turnpike to Jog Road in in in Delray Beach which is an an an approximate1 8milesinlength TheFDOThasindicatedthatAtlantic Avenue is an an an an inadequate link between the the multilane roadways of theFloridaTurnpike JogRoad andHagenRanchRoad Theplan istoexpandAtlanticAvenuetosixlanes(seephoto)tobetterserve theregionaltransportationnetworkandthelocalcollectorroadways Includedinthisprojectwillbebicycleandpedestrianimprovements Theconsultant/transportationplanningmanagerfortheDOT contacted the the the the the Alliance Alliance and the the the the the Alliance Alliance provided contact contact information fortheleadershipfortheimpactedcommunitiesalongAtlanticAvenue sothattheycouldbeprovidedupdatesontheproject TheDOT presented totheTransportationPlanningAgencyonJuly16 2020 outlining the the the PD&E Study schedule The components of the the the study include engineering where data will will will be be analyzed and solutions will will will beidentified Theenvironmentalaspectofthestudywillevaluate potential impacts to to the the the natural social and physical environments Public involvement will be ongoing throughout the the process A public alternativesworkshopisscheduledforSpring2021andapublichearingin December 2021 Enhanced safety and mobility is also a a a a a a a a a concern especially for improved emergencyevacuationtotheFloridaTurnpikewhichwillbeincludedinthedesign as as well as as addressing an an an existing sidewalk gap between Michelangelo Boulevard andJogRoad Thedesignphaseisscheduledtobeconductedduringfiscalyear(FY)2022 withtheright-of-wayprocurementsduringFY2024 Constructionisexpectedto begininFY2027 Publicinvolvementisakeyaspectthroughouttheprocess TheAlliancewill keep its Membership informed and encourages all residents to engage in in in in the the public hearings Delray Beach Bus
Shelters Being Re-Serviced
Apparently there are are some unused bus shelters in in in Delray Beach According to to Steve Anderson Director of Transit Planning at at Palm Palm Tran Tran for PalmBeachCounty thereareapproximately40activebussheltersinthe cityofDelrayBeachand11inactiveones TheCityisplanningonrelocating or or removing the the bus bus shelters along south Swinton that are no longer bus bus stops according to to to to to Palm Palm Tran Tran and the the City is waiting on on on on on on on Palm Palm Tran Tran to to to to to provide alternative locations There are two bus shelters on on on on Swinton between SW SW 10 th th th Street and SW SW 4 th th th Avenue in in Delray Beach that Palm Tran has
suspended bus service to www AllianceofDelray com 

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