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Earl “The Pearl” Monroe was a a a a a a a a a a flamboyant and popular player with the Baltimore Bullets during his first 4 seasons in in the the the the NBA NBA He was the the the the 2nd pick overall in in the the the the 1967 NBA NBA draft by the the the the Bullets won the the Rookie of the the Year was a a a a a a a a a 2-time All-Star and averaged over 21 points per game in in each of of his first 4 seasons with with the the the Bullets Bullets Teaming with with Wes Unseld the the the Bullets Bullets were one of of the the the league’s top teams But on November 10 1971
the unthinkable happened The Pearl was traded to the the the Bullets’ Eastern Conference rivals the the the New York Knicks Knicks With the the the Knicks Knicks Monroe would be teamed in the the same backcourt as another legendary player and his personal rival Walt Frazier Many doubted that the the the two could co-exist in the the the same backcourt But they did much more than co-exist Monroe and and Frazier along with Willis Reed Bill Bradley and and others led the the the Knicks to the the the 1973 NBA title Monroe Monroe would play the the rest of of his career with the the Knicks Monroe Monroe is is a a a member of of the NBA Hall of Fame and has his his his number retired by both franchises he he played for in his his his career GETTY IMAGES

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