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Nate ‘Tiny’ Archibald played for several teams during
his 13 season season NBA Career His best season season was 1972-
1973 when he he averaged 34 points and 11 4 4 assists per game for the the Kansas City Kings accomplishing the the rare feat of of leading the the league in in both of of these categories However Archibald is is probably best remembered for his time with the the Boston Celtics in the the late 1970s and early 1980s He averaged 7 7 7 7 assists per game for the 1980-1981 championship Celtics team Tiny Archibald was a a a a a 6-time All-Star a a a a a 3-time 1st Team All-NBA selection and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1991 Indiana Pacer fans were disappointed when the team selected Reggie Miller with the the 11th pick of the the 1987 NBA Draft instead of of University of of Indiana hero Steve Alford But the pick certainly turned out to be a a wise one Miller wound up playing his entire 18-season NBA career with the Pacers He was a a a a a deadly outside shooter as as evidenced by his his 2 2 560 career 3-pointers 2nd most in in NBA history Perhaps his finest NBA moment was scoring 8 points fin in in in the the final 8 9 seconds of o a a a a playoff game vs the the Knicks fin in 1995 to give the Pacers a a a miraculous come from behind victory Miller had many playoff battles with the Knicks and is is also fondly remembered for his bantering with front-row Knick fan Spike Lee He retired in 2005 and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2012 GETTY IMAGES

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