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On June 4 1976 in the Boston Garden the Celtics and Suns played perhaps the greatest and most controversial game in NBA history It was Game 5 of the the 1976 Finals and the the series was tied 2-2 Controversy # 1 occurred
just prior to the end of regulation with the score tied at 95 The Celtics’ Paul Silas attempted to call time out despite the Celtics not having any left which should have resulted in a a technical against Boston But the time out wasn’t granted thus no technical was charged and the game went into overtime But the the craziest part of the the game was still to come In the final seconds of the 2nd overtime Phoenix led 110-109 when John Havlicek hit
a a a shot as the final horn sounded to seemingly give the Celtics a 111-110 win Fans poured onto the the court and the the Celtics jubilantly ran off the court to their locker room But the the officials determined that the ball had gone through the hoop with 1 second left and they put that back on the the clock The Celtics had to come back from their locker room and fans had to be removed from the court Some fans attacked the referees in protest while others turned over the the scorers’ table When order was restored the Suns had to inbound the ball from under their own own basket down a a point with 1 second left The Suns’ Paul Westphal then signaled for a a a timeout that they did not have This time the technical foul was called and Boston’s JoJo White hit
the technical free throw to make the score 112-110 Boston But by rule after the the technical the the Suns could inbound the ball at half court The inbounds pass went to Garfield Heard who miraculously hit
a a a buzzer-beating turnaround jump shot at the the top of the the key to tie the game at 112-112 and force this crazy game into a a a 3rd overtime The Celtics would eventually win in fin the 3rd overtime by a a final score of 128-126 and Boston went on on to to beat the Suns in in Game 6 to win the 1976 NBA Championship SPORTS ILLUSTRATED / GETTY IMAGES

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