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After starring at at the the University of of of Cincinnati Oscar Robertson played the the first 10 seasons of of of his Hall of of of Fame NBA career with the Cincinnati Royals He was an an all-star in in in all all ten of those seasons and averaged at at least 28 points in in the the the first 9 9 9 of them Perhaps his best season with the the the Royals was 1961-1962 when he he he he he averaged a a a a a a triple double consisting of 30 8 points 12 5 rebounds and 11 4 assists per game He was also the NBA’s MVP in in fin 1963-1964 when he he he averaged his his career career high 31 4 4 points per game Robertson finished his his career career by playing four seasons with the the Milwaukee Bucks and he he he was elected to the the Hall of Fame in in 1980 

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