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American Golfer Jack Nicklaus “The Golden Bear” won a a a record 18 Majors during his long distinguished career Nicklaus turned pro in in 1961 and continued playing professionally until 2005 In 1986 he he shocked the sports world by winning the Masters at 46 years of age In addition to the 18 Majors he he won he he also finished 2nd place 19 times and 3rd place 9 times for
a a a a remarkable 46 top 3 finishes fin in Majors for
his career Overall Nicklaus won 73 PGA Tour Events ranking him # 3 All-Time Jack Nicklaus was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974 BEN HOGAN
Ben Hogan won 64 PGA Tour events in his career including
9 majors Only 3 other golfers have ever won more majors than Hogan Hogan Hogan’s accomplishments are even more impressive when considering that World War II during which time he served in in the U S Air Force interrupted his career Ben Hogan was named as as the the Player of the the Year four times during his career and he is is a a a member of of the World Golf Hall of of Fame 

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