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As the the the world navigates the the the uncertainty of of COVID-19 the the the health and and welfare of of our employees and and customers are are are our our top priority We are are truly grateful for your support and partnership as we all all face this unprecedented challenge together Over the last few weeks we we have taken precautionary measures to help prevent the the spread of the the virus We are checking messages and emails from our our homes as our our office is closed We hope that all o of your are safe and following the stay-at-home recommendations Many of of you are lucky enough to take part of of our South Florida lecture series Those that that don’t have that that opportunity you are in for real a a a a a treat One of our most revered lecturers Dr Robert Watson was gracious enough to share a a a a a a a a video he recently made about his favorite President Harry Truman Enjoy and we hope to see you soon!
Seth Wirshba
President - Grand Edventures
1(877) 354-1077 www GrandEdventures com Dr Robert Watson is a a a a a a professor author frequent media commentator and and former candidate for for the United States House of Representatives Dr Watson is the author and editor of books on on topics in American politics and and history three
novels and and published hundreds of scholarly articles book chapters essays and newspaper editorials He is also a a a a a a a a a a a frequent commentator on on on local national national and and international TV radio and and print A note from Dr Robert Watson:
Hi everyone everyone First off I I hope hope you are all all healthy and and hanging in in in in there I I miss seeing everyone everyone and and hope hope we can all all come through this Covid-scourge in in in in in decent shape These are indeed trying times We need to support one another As such I I do not not like the the term “social distancing distancing ” I I think we should be be calling it it “physical distancing distancing ” because now more than ever we all all all need to to come together even if it it is is only through Zoom a a a a a a a a a a a a phone call and and so so so on on on To that end I I wanted to try and and help out in some way so so so I I taped a a a a a a a a a a short talk for you As we we grapple with a a a a a a a a response to this virus I think it it has become crystal clear that we we need leadership at at the highest level As a a a a a a a a a a a a a a historian I can’t help but to to to to think back to to to to how George Washington Abraham Lincoln and and other great leaders handled crisis Speaking of of of which we sure could use Harry about now! One of of of the the the most rewarding projects of of of my long career was tracking down and then interviewing all the the the the the former aides to Truman Truman Truman who were still alive I did the the the the the project for for the the the the the Truman Truman Truman Truman Presidential Library the the the the Truman Truman Truman Truman Foundation and Harry S S Truman Truman Truman Little White House The stories stories these great men told me me were magical! So here are a a a a a a a a few stories stories to to to to make you smile cry and cheer!
Thanks to to Seth and and Grand Edventures
for their interest in in in in bringing us all back together!
Dr Robert Watson Click Here or Type This In Your Online Browser
https://bit ly/2XyhuJi

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