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event has become profoundly important for those medical professionals who are working on on on the frontlines combatting this disease With facial masks and sanitizing techniques now in in in in use by the general public citizens are are experiencing what hospital personnel are are formally educated in in in and and trained to handle every day The American Hospital Association sponsors this event which encourages the the public to highlight our our hospitals health health systems and and health health care providers and and the the the the the innovative ways they support the the the the the needs of their community members Thisyear’sthemeis“WhereHealthComes First ” Keymessagesincludethattherearemorethan 5 000 U S hospitals hospitals that that that provide quality patient care to all Americans andthathospitalsareaneconomicmainstay supporting 16 5 million jobs across the United States The Alliance of Delray Delray proudly supports our neighborhood hospital Delray Delray Medical Center (DMC) and and appreciates the the quality medical care that it it it provides to to the the the community Throughout this pandemic the the the DMC DMC continues to to to to provide provide excellent emergency emergency trauma services (see photo of of Trauma Hawk an an emergency emergency vehicle atop the the DMC) In celebration of of National Hospital Week 2020 the the the Alliance has contributed gift cards for local stores to to be distributed during the the the the celebration of the the staff’s work throughout the the year Hospitals across the the country celebrate National Hospital Hospital Week by honoring theirmedicalstaff Whatbeganahundredyearsagoasaonedaycelebration expandedintoaweeklongeventin1953 NationalHospitalWeekalways
falls on on on the week week of of Florence Florence Nightingale’s birthday which is May 12 th th th th Although Florence Florence Nightingale Nightingale became famous as as a a a a a a a a a a a a a result of of her nursing work during during the the the Crimean War War she did assist the the the Union government with advice in in in in in in in in organizing field medicine and and was an an an an an inspiration to nurses during during the the the the Civil War War This year with the the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic this May 10-16: National Hospital Week 2020 What’s in a a a Name?
Much Palm Beach County history can be learned by studying the the origins of of the the names of of local roadways For example William S S S S Linton a a a a a a a a a a a a a US Congressman from Saginaw Michigan and and David Swinton visited southern Palm Beach County in in in in in the the the late 1800’s and and established asettlementcalledthetownofLinton DuetoLinton’s mortgage foreclosures some of of the the the land
went to to to to to remaining families and and and the the area was eventually renamed Delray The names Linton and and Swinton remain on on on two major city streets Linton Hagen Ranch Lyons Woolbright Sundy
where he he he grew vegetables and ranched Thomas Woolbright Sr owned a a a a a a a a a a a pineapple plantation on on 30 acres around what is now the the interstate 95 interchange Although the the the homestead is is gone the the the Woolbright name remains Smith Sundy
Road recognizes the the the large Sundy
Family JohnShawSundywasthepatriarchand established a a a a a a a a a a a a a a feed and and fertilizer business in in the the early 1900’s HewaselectedMayorofDelrayBeach in1911 Sundycultivatedthelandsurrounding
his business with pineapple pineapple crops and and eventually vegetables Intheearly1900’stherewerepineapple plantations throughout the the the the area At At one time pineapple pineapple fields existed up to to the the edge of Atlantic Avenue Avenue and down Second Avenue Avenue to to 13 th th th th Street A A A A blight ended crop production but the the essence of of the the pineapple endures in in in Pineapple Grove which is now an an an area of of trendy retail shops and restaurants The large agricultural influence on the the the area is reflected inthenamesofroadwayslyingfurtherwest HagenRanch
Road led to the the the Hagen Hagen Hagen Cattle Ranch Ranch from Atlantic Avenue L E Hagen Hagen was a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a breeder of Santa Gertrudis cattle during the1950’s Flavor-PictRoadreceivedit’snamebecause
it it led to to to the the Flavor-Pict Flavor-Pict farming cooperative existing on on on about1400acreswestofBoyntonBeach LyonsRoadisnamedforHenry L L L “Bud” Lyons Lyons who owned thousands of of acres acres in northern Broward County “From the the Everglades to the the Ocean”

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