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Tax-Wise Options
Why not donate highly taxed assets?
Retirement Retirement Funds
The Individual Retirement Retirement Account (IRA) Charitable Rollover may be a a a a a a a good choice if you don’t need all the the the income and meet the the the age requirement Ask the the the financial institution that holds your IRA account to to send funds directly to to ARCS Foundation Oregon Appreciated Stock
You may avoid paying capital gains tax when you donate appreciated stock bonds and mutual funds Giving these assets can be as as as simple as as an an an electronic transfer Real Estate
Is it it time to to consider what to to do with your vacation/rental property home farm or commercial building? Donating real estate to ARCS Foundation Oregon can be a a a a a a a win- win win Invest in in in in STEM scientists and you may reduce capital gains tax at the same time Simple Yet
So Meaningful
Beneficiary Designations
You can make ARCS Foundation Oregon a a a a a a beneficiary of your Individual Retirement Account Life Insurance Policy or or Donor Advised Fund – often by completing a a simple form online 

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