Page 2 - PTC Client Information Leaflet 2020
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To ensure learning with the best professional teachers on the market, all PTC staff hold a UK/US degree from a reputable university with a minimum 2.1 or First Class qualification. We select staff based on in-depth subject knowledge, ability to communicate effectively, engaging personality and teaching experience. All are licensed to work with pupils by government. Any teacher we recommend delivers exceptional lessons as assessed at interview stage and secures results for pupils.
Once you have decided to hire professional educational support, the first step is to book a call with us to discuss the details of your search. Within 1-3 days we send you a list of prospective teachers and offer two (1hr) trial sessions payable at the teacher's agreed rate. Trial sessions must be paid in advance. Online sessions take place on zoom. Following your trial you decide whether to hire the teacher for the longer term. Each month's lessons are booked and paid for in advance.
A unique practice that differentiates PTC from other service providers is our system of ongoing feedback and assessment. We ensure that you are kept up-to-date on tuition and pupil progress and that areas to be addressed are brought to your attention as soon as possible. Your teacher provides written feedback every month on what has been covered and areas for pupil improvement. This system ensures learning is on track for success.

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