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 JSF Reflection
Landmark’s mission aligns very well with that of JSF. The school’s model is designed for students with challenges such as learning disabilities, autism, and executive function challenges, and Landmark provides a tailored experience
that helps students grow academically and socially. Landmark’s approach also facilitates increased confidence and independence, helping to position students for success in the wider world. JSF is proud to partner with Landmark to support the achievement of those outcomes.
Bill Corwin, JSF Board of Directors
 “He was excited and also a bit apprehensive about dual enrollment, college-level education,” she wrote in an email. “[Landmark went] out of their way to make him feel heard, accepted, and understood.”
Just two weeks after Sam started taking classes, his attitude toward schoolwork changed. That fall, Stephanie learned about the Johnson
“We knew the tuition cost—we were looking at the yearly tab thinking, ‘Oh, help!’” she recalled. “The scholarship covered nearly all of the costs, and gave Sam the opportunity to get to know Landmark’s style and prepare
for an actual college experience.”
Sam is currently a freshman at Landmark, where he says he’s glad to be near other students with autism. Sending a child to college is a big change for any parent. Still, Stephanie
says she feels safe knowing her son is at Landmark.
“For the first time in his life, [Sam] is interested in his own education and pushing himself,” she said. “We are so proud of him, and I tell him that all the time.”

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