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  Good philanthropy seeks solutions, and this invariably means change, which is the theme for this year’s annual report. Education is a powerful force for change because it empowers people. It enables them to get better jobs, have more choices and become more independent. The people featured in this year’s report — Mario Hoover, Sam Mayo, and Makenzi Skellenger — are all being changed by education. The change is permanent. The knowledge, skills, and confidence they acquire will be theirs for life and will enhance their expectations and their opportunities. It does not stop there. The change extends beyond Mario, Sam, and Makenzi to their families, communities, and society.
The benefits of education to family life and society are legion. Education is a cure for inequality; it provides a bridge from poverty to sufficiency. With education, people can do anything and be the equal of anybody. Family members are inspired and uplifted and the path is cleared for future generations. The ripple effect of this makes us all better. Education empowers people
to contribute more and create wealth and economic opportunity for others. It also empowers people to constructively engage in a civil, democratic society. History tells us that educated societies are happier, more stable, and healthier.
Our foundation assists people in financial need to obtain education. We provide the means. The work of obtaining education is all theirs. The change belongs to them. It is not given. It is earned. This is one of the reasons change from education is so powerful.
Our foundation believes that education is the best vehicle to assist people in financial need. There is an element of social justice in our mission but also one of self-interest. Assisting people in financial need to obtain education is an investment that will help our society to succeed and prosper.
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R. Malcolm Macleod, QC

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