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Water                                                           30

         Bottled water for the table - Still or Sparkling (1L)
                TAPAS & SHARING

         Share any 3                                               150
         Share any 4                                               195

         Fire-Grilled Wings                                              55

             American-style BBQ grilled chicken wings, or
             Crispy chicken wings smothered in our
             Asian-inspired chilli & ginger sauce.
             • Extra wing                                           15
             • Spice it up! HOT WINGS                                5
              Phoenix Inferno* hot sauce (*Sold in store!)
         Squid Tubes & Tentacles                                         60

             Plancha* grilled squid with chilli & ginger, or
             Salt & pepper squid, dusted in spices and fried crispy.
             • Extra side chopped salad                             25
         Cauliflower & Bacon Soup                                         35

             Hearty fire-roasted cauliflower & creamy smoked
             bacon soup.
             • Extra wood fire-toasted sourdough batons               5
         Chicken Livers Peri-Peri                                        50

             Cold-smoked chicken livers cooked in a creamy,
             but spicy Mozambique peri-peri sauce.

             Transform to      with baby marrow cubes fried in butter
         Poppers                                                         55

             Crumbed, pickled jalapeno chillies stuffed with
             creamy feta cheese.
             • Transform to bacon wrapped                           20
             • Extra popper                                         20
             • Extra 2 poppers                                      35

         Churrasco                                                       55
             The South American term for grilled meat over
             an open fire. Get a taste of our wood fire-grilled
             sirloin steak (75 g) dressed with mouthwatering
             Chimichurri sauce.

         *A Plancha is a thick metal plate over a wood fire used to add char and flavour
         to foods at a very high temperature.
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