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Have you heard about
         Kids Movie nights?

         Kids enjoy a movie and meal in backseat of your car, while you dine inside.

                LUNCH & DINNER

          Something for the “Dudes & Dudettes”, 14 years and younger.

                               Served without sides,
             choose sides below or add sides from the main menu.
        Cheeseburger                                                     40

           Beef or chicken patty with a slice of cheese
        Gold Nuggets                                                     40

           Chicken breast fillet, crumbed with cornflake crumbs
        BBQ Ribs                                                         55

           Pork spare ribs basted with bbq sauce and grilled
        Chicken Wings                                                    40

           Grilled chicken wings with BBQ basting
        Calamari                                                         55
           Fried baby squid tubes served with lemon and mayo

                 SIDES & EXTRAS

        Chips                                                            10

        Onion Rings                                                      10

              SWEETS & TREATS

        Chocolate Chunk Brownie                                          40

           chocolate chunk brownie topped with a choice of ice cream.
        Churro Sunday Bowl                                               40
           Ice cream Sunday with mini churro balls and chocolate
           ganache sauce
        Scoop of Ice Cream                                              28
           We all scream for Ice Cream!
           Get a scoop of our flavour of the day.

                            CLOSES AT 7:30 PM DAILY

                                       Whether it is justa     EXPERIENCE DINING
                                       night in or a night off!
                                       Oursister restaurant is
                                       one click, call or scan
                                       Wholesome food        delivered to yourdoor.
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