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  Plan ahead for Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month
It’s not too early to plan for National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month in May. The College’s Asthma and Allergy Awareness Toolkit makes it easy to spread the word about allergic conditions and how allergists can help patients find relief! Find the toolkit at
Highlights from the toolkit:
• Reaching out to primary care physicians — Find our ready-made messages to email primary care physicians. Let them know how your expertise as a board certified/ fellowship-trained allergist can help their patients with unresolved allergy symptoms.
• Health fairs — These are a great opportunity to offer
free asthma screenings. Check with local hospitals or community organizations to see what they’re planning. Our Asthma Screening Guide offers tips on getting started and resources to help run the screening.
• In-person or virtual presentations — Have you been asked to be a speaker for a community group or library on allergies or asthma? Our PowerPoint presentations can be used for virtual or live presentations.
• Media relations — Local media can help spread the word about allergies and asthma and might be looking for
content. Use our article templates to easily craft a news release to send to your local media.
• ACAAI public website — Geared toward patients, we have informative web articles about asthma, all types of allergies, treatments, and management on our public website,
• YouTube videos — We’ve added new, short videos featuring allergists answering common questions. Find videos on the College’s You Tube channel that offer patients’ perspectives on allergic conditions and getting care from an allergist. They can be found at allergists. These are ideal to provide information on your practice website or in your waiting room.
These resources and more can be found at college.acaai. org/toolkits/allergy-asthma-awareness-toolkit. Remember to follow the College on social media during May and help to share information with your followers. Help your community find relief!
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