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Winter 2024 15
    Gailen D. Marshall, Jr., MD, PhD, FACAAI is welcomed as 2023-24 President by 2022-23 ACAAI President Kathleen R. May, MD, FACAAI.
Gary N. Gross, MD, FACAAI was the recipient of the 2023 Gold Headed Cane Award.
          Winners of the 2023 FIT Bowl: Drs. Jeremy McMurray and Andrew Weskamp of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.
John J. Oppenheimer, MD, FACAAI presented the Edward J. O’Connell Lecture during Sunday’s plenary. The plenary focused on biologics in asthma.
         David R. Stukus, MD, FACAAI presented the Bela Schick Lecture during the Presidential Plenary on Saturday. The plenary focused on trending allergy/ immunology topics.”
Participants in the “Nut and Bolts of Patch Test, Wet Wraps and Creams” workshop practice placing patch tests.
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