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                                                     Pre-Primary Newsletter
                                                VOL -6_ISSUE_6_December 2020-21

                                             Milestone -1

                                         Good News in search of TGWS! We are the No.1

                                        Day-Cum- Boarding School in Tamil Nadu for the

                                          6th consecutive year in EW National Ranking.

                                       TGWS received heartwarming and truly encouraging news last week. We are

                                       the  No.1  Day-Cum-Boarding  school  in  Tamil  Nadu  this  time  too.  And  this

                                       makes us maintaining the No.1 position for the 6th consecutive year. Scaling

                                       up is challenging, maintaining the top position continuously for 6 years is even

                                       more  challenging.  This  journey  wouldn’t  have  been  complete  without  your
                                       partnership.We would be reaching        you with specific details and news in the
                                       next  issue.  Meanwhile,  Thank  you,  dear  parents!  (Please  await  the  detailed

                                       report in the next issue)

                                           Milestone -2

                                       TGWS Children’s Day- A Great Virtual Visual treat!

                                       TGWS  is  gaining  more  and  more  confidence  in  hosting  virtual  events  and

                                       celebrations and the recently held Children’s day is solid proof.This time the

                                       Children’s  day  brought  in  colors  of  fun  and  folly  along  with  the  teachers’

                                       lovely note on how they miss their dear students physically in school, which

                                       makes  it  much  more  than  a  building.  The  virtual  treat  was  separately

                                       arranged for Primary and Secondary.It was a joint venture of the academic,

                                       admin, and technical teams.When we enjoyed the sweetness of teamwork, we
                                       are  also  proud  that  our  team  is  uplifting  their  digital  skills  and

                                       competencies.(Detailed report follows)
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