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  1940 POPULATION: 88,904
In September 1941, the provincial government ordered schools across Alberta to close because of a double shot, polio and encephalitis epidemics. In 1942, all 22 men of the Calgary Highlanders who landed at Dieppe managed to survive the doomed raid on the French beach. The Calgary Stampeders were officially founded in 1945 and in 1946, the first Calgary Stampede Queen, Patsy Rodgers, got her crown. There was much more to yahoo about the following year when Leduc No.1 hit, transforming Alberta’s economy.
“ During the war years tires were rationed; so satisfactory repairs were necessary and custom retreading became a necessity. In 1945 another addition was made to the building
 to house the new retread”
molds and a basement for storage of materials and products.
Dan Harper

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