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  1960 POPULATION: 262,000
In 1961, the corn dog made its inaugural appearance at the
Calgary Stampede, the City cut the ribbon on Glenmore Park and J.M. retired making way for his three sons, Jack, Don and Stan to take over running Harper’s Tire. In 1968 the Husky Tower opened— the tallest structure in Calgary and the tallest structure in all of Canada, except Toronto. In 1969, a bartender at the Westin Hotel mashed some clams, threw them in a glass with vodka, tomato juice and assorted other ingredients and named it after a Roman emperor, the Bloody Caesar.
“ I was about 25 when I first went to Harper’s Tire. I drove
a station wagon and we were one of the very first to put seat belts in our cars. My father-in-law was very much in favour
of them. You could”
get seat belts if you wanted them before they were obligatory.
“ I first remember going into Harper’s Tires in 1968 or 1969 when I was in grade three. I’ve never not bought tires from them. Dan and Tom I’ve known forever but Gord is like family too. It’s always a friendly place to go. I like to go sit there and have a coffee and talk to the guys a little bit and do a little bit of work while I’m waiting and just han”g out. They’ve got a nice place and they take good care of you.
Don Campbell
Kevin Campbell (Don’s son)

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