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  1970 POPULATION: 389,000
At the height of the 70s boom, as many as 3,000 people were moving to Calgary every month. In 1970, Calgarians started flocking to the brand new Prince’s Island Park about the same time a giant uproar began over a proposed subdivision on Nose Hill. Three years later, City Hall set aside 4,100 acres of the giant prairie slope as parkland. About the same time, Premier Peter Lougheed took a helicopter ride over Kananaskis Lakes and agreed to make the stunning natural area a provincial park before the helicopter even landed.
“ I got out of school 77/78 and Stan gave me a job. I had zero experience. I had no clue what I was doing but he gave me a shot. I was a pretty quick learner. There were a couple of times I left and worked other places, but I came back and worked on the tire side. I have always been treated fairly and Stan was always really fair with people I wo”rked with.
If someone was short of money he’d help them out.
Kevin Read
“ I went to Harper’s Tire for umpteen years. I knew all the mechanics and the same mechanic looked after my vehicle every time. If I went in for an oil change or major inspection,
he did the work, he knew the car. One of th”
e mechanics, Evans, he was looking after it for a long time.
Paul Durant

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