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  2000 POPULATION: 927,000
The decade began with great relief as the world’s computer systems were not wiped out by Y2K. In the coming years Calgary hit—and surpassed—the one million population mark, the Red Mile exploded with enthusiasm for the Flames’ 2004 Stanley Cup run and the price of oil skyrocketed from $20 to about $125. Encana was formed when the Alberta Energy Company Ltd. and PanCanadian Energy Corporation merged and before the end of the decade the company was split in two: Encana for natural gas and Cenovus for oil. Encana started work on The Bow building and Banker’s Hall West joined
its twin on the city’s growing and impressive skyline. Meanwhile, a display case at Harper’s Tire started filling up with company artifacts.
“ I was on eBay looking for hockey cards and just for fun I typed ‘Harpers Tire’ in the search engine and up came this old lighter from the 1960s or 70s. I thought this is awesome! So, I sent an email to the lady and she asked, because of my email address, whether I was one of the Harpers. I said ‘Yes, my grandfather started it and my brother and I own it now.’ She said: ‘Just pay for shipping and I’ll just”send you the lighter!’ I thought that was a nice thing to do.
Dan Harper
  “ I started working here in 2002, right out of high school. It’s the best place to work. I grew up with these guys and they always treated me solid. You don’t get treated as a number here. You’re a person and you’re part of the family, just like any customer who comes in. Once you do business with Harper’s, you’re part ”of the Harper family, and I really respect that. I really like that.
Garrett Jobidon

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