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  2010 population: 1,190,000
In 2012, the Peace Bridge opened and the controversy over its
$26 million price tag immediately started to fade as thousands
of cyclists, pedestrians and wedding photographers began to
use it. Calgary was named the Cultural Capital of Canada and celebrated with a year of music, dance and theatre. In 2013, historic floods devastated parts of the city and southern Alberta and Calgarians rallied. Thousands of people just showed up at hard hit neighbourhoods, work gloves at the ready, to help dig out strangers’ basements. The Bow opened, giving Calgary a new tallest building and home to Encana’s employees. By the end of the decade the company had changed its name and moved to Denver.
“ The binder of drawings and thank yous is one of my favourite possessions. I love it. It’s got all these nice things that people have said about the business, thank you letters we get from schools and various fundraisers and groups we’ve helped.
I think if you have the ability and the means to help, then there’s no reason that you shouldn’t. We did one project with a school that wanted the kids to think about how business works. They came up with all these cra”yon sketches and no one is ever getting those away from me.
Dan Harper
   “ It’s so enriching and it’s just fun to see where that money goes. We aren’t looking for people to give us pats on the
back. We just want to do”
it to help the community because that’s how we were raised.
Tom Harper

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