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2021 population: 1,581,000
Just a few months into the decade, Covid-19 showed up and shut everything down. People set up their offices on their dining room tables, started wearing masks outside the house and ordering take out to keep their favourite restaurants afloat. The health care system was strained and the city’s economy, like those around the world, was hard hit by public health restrictions. Calgarians hadn’t seen anything like it since the Spanish Flu swept around the world in 1918, about the same time John Munroe Harper was returning from the First World War and learning how to vulcanize rubber and work with tires.
 “ I had a great time working there. I had a lot of lau”ghs and a lot of fun; I enjoyed working. But it was time to go.
really well. They come to my office and they talk to me If
something’s bugging them. One day it seemed like every
“ Danny calls me the shop mom. Everybody gets along
we all take care of each other. It’s like Gord says, it’s like family.
15 minutes someone was coming in here. It’s fun because”
Gord Savi (retired in early 2021)
Bev Savi

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